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Is your church or theatre group looking for an original contemporary musical?
Fees Negotiable. However, I am waiving the performance fees for the first stage production! Contact me

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MP3 downloadable music soundtracks @ 96kbps below

Lament for a Nation Lament for a Nation
Somewhere 'Round Jehoshaphat Somewhere 'Round Jehoshaphat
A Simple Faith A Simple Faith
Orient to the Orient / All Eyes Upon Daniel / God Has Spoken Orient to the Orient / All Eyes Upon Daniel / God Has Spoken
Get Buff Get Buff
I Had a Dream I Had a Dream
Head of Gold Head of Gold
Hope Is in THE ROCK! Hope Is in THE ROCK!
We're Bad We're Bad
We Will Smoke 'Em Out We Will Smoke 'Em Out
Will You Bow Now? Will You Bow Now?
I Have a Word I Have a Word
The Writing's on the Wall The Writing's on the Wall
Deliver Me Deliver Me
The God Who Made Me The God Who Made Me
Check out lyrics in the mp3 tags or script. Sheet music is available for vocals.
CD available upon request for $25.

THE VISION: While on vacation in Hawaii visiting my step-daughter, I had been prayerfully looking for an outdoor venue for Christian ministry concerts. God has given our family a love for the Big Island, thus our focus was there. Our return flight to the mainland was post-poned due to airplane mechanical failure. We were given a ride into Waikiki and put up in a high-rise hotel overlooking the most popular tourism spot in the world. God spoke to me on that balcony. He impressed upon my heart that no one comes to Hawaii seeking God. They come to celebrate earthly relationships and worship the created, rather than the Creator. God told me that here in Waikiki on the Island of Oahu, "The Gathering Place," I was to have a portion of my music ministry -- a reverse mission-field where people come from all corners of the world and return home having experienced Jesus. Almost a year lapsed before I began to pen something entirely different at the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Belteshazzar, a contemporary Christian musical was taking shape. Someday young people will travel to Hawaii to perform Belteshazzar in free outdoor summer theater here at the Waikiki Bandshell.

This is a magnificent undertaking requiring lots of time, manpower, and money. The script is now complete. The music is finalized. Perhaps you are to be a part of this unique ministry opportunity. Help me make it a reality. We need corporate sponsors, volunteers, talented singers who love Christ, and lots of prayer. In the interim, consider staging a production in your community.

Waikiki Bandshell

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