Welcome to VirtuallyJESUS, home of original Christian music by

Randy Doyle Hazlett.

A MESSAGE FROM THE ARTIST: I have no musical training, nor can I play any of the music God gives me. As an obedient servant, I capture the music God lays on my heart using the computer as my instrument. I am incapable, thus Virtually JESUS has been chosen as the banner for this life's work. Through Christ, I can do all things. I trust His music will be a blessing to you and yours.

Sample a pre-release mp3 version of Light the Fire featuring soloist Clayton Brown with Courtney Hazlett on background vocals to be included in the project under construction, Friends in the Fire.
Without Words.

Without Words (a collection of 22 soundtracks from Friends in the Fire and Ignition projects) Great for karaoke!

We Will Serve the Lord Ol' Glory There for Me Front Seat Christian
Lift Him Up Pray Now Another Day Lilies of the Field
Light the Fire Radical Change One Question We're Just Here to Praise the Lord
Father in Heaven Sing Unto the Lord Three Days in the Grave Jesus Loves Me In So Many Ways
Love Chain The Lord Reigns You Can Tell
His Tender Mercies Heaven's Door Dancin' on the Devil

VirtuallyJESUS -- Ignition
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Rocket Science Dancin' on the Devil Front Seat Christian Another Day
Goin' Fishin' Lilies of the Field One Question Jesus Is Number One
You Can Tell Heal Me, Lord Three Days in the Grave I Can Feel the Rain
All You Really Need Is Jesus Livin' on the Edge

Friends in the Fire
(featuring the vocal talent of Clayton Brown, Lindsay Spencer, and Courtney Hazlett) coming soon

Light the Fire (Clayton Brown)
His Tender Mercies (Courtney Hazlett)
Sing Unto the Lord (Lindsay Spencer)
and many more

BELTESHAZZAR: The Book of Daniel, The Musical (coming soon)
Play/Download all soundtracks on MP3 from the BELTESHAZZAR page

Lament for a Nation Somewhere 'Round Jehoshaphat Just a Simple Faith
Orient to the Orient / All Eyes Upon Daniel / God Has Spoken Get Buff I Had a Dream
Head of Gold Hope Is in THE ROCK! We're Bad
We Will Smoke 'Em Out Will You Bow Now I Have a Word
The Writing's on the Wall Deliver Me The God Who Made Me

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Dark Spaces: A Spiritual Short Story Trilogy